What is it

Experience CrystALS - our layer supercompression technique that reduces model footprint several times without quantization. With less GPU required, our solution offers significant savings on compute for model training and particularly serving. Smaller models also fit on smaller, typically 30-40% cheaper GPUs, resulting in considerable potential savings. Last but not least, smaller models may fit on CPUs for added hedge and remote serving.

CrystALS is a pun on Crystal to pursue the Sesame Street tradition initiated by BERT

Elevate your efficiency and win the AI race

Make your AI development more efficient with CrystALS. Elevate your R&D’s capabilities and stay ahead in the race without compromising your sustainable commitment. Contact us to learn more and speed up your AI development today.

Stay efficient with no compromise on your sustainable commitments

Reduce your carbon footprint and costs with CrystALS - an AI and machine learning solution that uses fewer computational resources. By reducing the model footprint many times, CrystALS helps reduce carbon costs and makes it more affordable for businesses to deploy solutions. Contact us to learn more about how CrystALS can help your research in a responsible and sustainable manner.

About us

Brought to you by Unbias, the biases AI specialist French startup, the CrystALS tool evolved out of our endeavour to engineer some of the most demanding NLP NLU and multi modal unsupervised learning applications despite gigantic complex multi constraint solution topologies.

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